36th Commemoration of al-Zubairi [Archives:2001/14/Last Page]

April 2 2001

The 36th commemoration of the patriot Mohammed Mahmoud al-Zubairi falls in the first week of April. He was one of greatest national revolutionaries who struggled through his life against the tyrant Imam. He, along with other patriots, had an unswerving determination and never gave up exerting efforts, despite all the hardships they passed through. They were the ones who sowed the seeds of the revolution. Al-Zubairi contributed a lot to the promotion of Yemenis’ awareness against the tyrant rule of the despotic Imam. Achieving the desired success in the revolution, he never stopped to struggle, following the same path they had already drawn. There were actually lots of challenges created by the revolution. The enemies of a fair and just rule were many, from inside as well as outside the country.
It was through his strict adherence to the supreme ideals and values of justice and social equality that he could leave his indelible marks in the hearts of people. It was through shunning life’s joys, his modesty, wisdom, clear thought, he could leave a great impact on the people.
Although these people died long ago, they are still remembered. Even after they have been gone for ever, their memories will live on. The people will never forget all their struggle and sacrifice. He, along with others, were the candles in the darkest decade Yemen has passed through.
In a nutshell, al-Zubairi felt that the poetry he composed was stronger than tank shells and bombs. It could stir up the people and shake the tyranny and oppression of the Imam.
Ismail al-Ghabri
Yemen Times