38 Yemeni detainees at Guantanamo [Archives:2002/12/Local News]

March 18 2002

Yemeni detainees at the US Guantanamo military base soared up to 38, Yemeni official sources said last week. The sources said the increase by 6 new detainees is because of transferring of a new group of prisoners from Afghanistan by the US forces, to the base.
News reports said last week that the Yemeni team of investigators who went to the military base after obtaining a permission from the US authorities failed to interrogate the detainees.
But, the Yemeni government denied the travel of the team and the team which came back recently was on another mission in England. The sources revealed that the team has not visited the military base yet, and the same arrangements are to be taken before their travel to the US and then to Guantanamo.