4 Injured in Clashes in Aden [Archives:2002/06/Local News]

February 4 2002

Four people were injured in clashes between police and citizens in Aden last Thursday. Reliable sources in Aden told YT that the clashes continued for over one hour, injuring one of the policemen and other three citizens.
The clashes erupted after the people in al-Tawahi set a blaze the municipality office in the area which destroyed a number of their houses. The fire caused heavy damage to the building but not casualties were reported.
The local council in Aden decided on January 5th to demolish all houses that were not built according to the plan of the city. This decision was carried out last week. But the municipality started uprooting the houses of the poor people, leaving those belonging to high ranking officials and military guys.
Most of these houses were built after the civil war in 1994 when Aden was blundered after the defeat of the Yemeni socialist party and the flee of its leaders.
Big chunks of land, mainly by the beach were confiscated by influential figures.
They started building in a very random way, something that destroyed the beauty of the city and its planning.