4 killed in tribal revenge [Archives:2003/636/Local News]

May 12 2003

Four people were killed and three others injured in a tribal revenge clashes last Saturday in Sana'a. A Yemeni official at the Ministry of Interior said the armed clash took place at al-Hasabah area near the Ministry of Interior headquarters due to a tribal vengeance between the clans of Al Hassan and Al Naser from Bani Dhibyan tribe. It claimed the lives of Ali Ahmad al-Dahni and Ahmad al-Dahni, from All Hassan and two other of the passers-by, Sameer Ali Abduh and Ubadi Abdu Raboo. The clash also led to the injury of Naser Hadi al-Dhebyani from All Nasser and Hifedh Allah al-Raimi and Ali Muhsen al-Ba'adani, passers-by. The clash also caused damage to the properties of the people living in that area. The official said that police has been able to arrest three persons from All Hassan, seizing their cars and that investigations have revealed that the cause of the incident is an old tribal vengeance between the two clans. However, eyewitnesses said that the clashes resulted in 7 deaths and 5 injuries.
In a separate incident, three men were killed and four injured -including a woman- in the governorate of Mareb also on Saturday and also in a tribal revenge fight. A tribal source said that the attackers belonged to the Bani Nawf tribe that has old vengeance with Al Jumaan tribe Hence, the overall total of those killed in Sanaa and Mareb because of tribal clashes in just one day reached 8 deaths.
The capital and Mareb has been for a long time a good place for tribesmen to settle down their accounts and tribal revenge problems. The government of Yemen has failed to put a solution for this chronic headache. President Saleh ordered the forming of a committee from the Shura council members to put an end to the problem. However, since then the committee has done little.