4 Yemeni citizens sentenced to the death penalty [Archives:2004/744/Local News]

June 7 2004

Sana'a Criminal Court issued its verdict on June 2, 2004, sentencing 4 citizens to death for the premeditated murder of Mohamed Ahmed Qariah on 3 December of 1998.
The court, presided over by Judge Najeeb Al-Kadery, found Faisel Hamoud Bajsah Al-Shaif, who is in custody, and Adhm Najy Abdulhameed Al-Shaif, Naji Hamoud Naji Al-Shaif and Hamoud Naji Ahmed Al-Shaif, who are still at large, guilty of carrying out a robbery of the grocery store of Mr. Qariah on the evening of 3 December 1998. Mr Qariah was shot dead while resisting the robbery.
The first accused, who is currently in custody, was previously sentenced to a 20-year imprisonment term after he was convicted, by the same court, of kidnapping a number of tourists from the Netherlands in 1998 in Al-Jouf Governorate.