40th anniversary celebrations of 14 October Revolution to take place next week:Aden preparing for the big day [Archives:2003/675/Local News]

October 9 2003

Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Aden, Oct 8 – Aden City is currently preparing for the celebration ceremony of the 40th anniversary of the 14th of October revolution. Several activities and events will take place next week to mark this occasion, which signals the glorious independence of former south Yemen from the British Colonial rule in 1963.
Around 20,000 Adenese will be participating in the massive carnival that will be held at the 22 May arena in Aden on Oct 14.
A military parade will also take place in the event, which is expected to host President Ali Abdullah Saleh plus tens of other prominent Yemeni officials and Arab personalities.
Aden City is also currently witnessing the brightest nights of its history as hundreds of thousands of light lamps are decorating the streets and buildings of the city.
This comes in a time citizens of the city have expressed satisfaction for the efforts exerted by the current governor Dr. Yahya Al-Shuaibi, who emphasized on cleanliness standards and quality municipality services throughout the city.