44% of agriculture production in Tuhama,A centre for desert researches helps agriculture production in Hadramout [Archives:2003/682/Business & Economy]

October 30 2003

Mahyoub Al-Kamaly
The ministry of agriculture and irrigation has drawn up a scientific plan for expansion in reclamation of arable lands and increasing their production by paying attention to researches in the agricultural sector and qualification of those seeking for work at specialized centres it has established in selected governorates.
The main objectives of the plan are fighting desertification, creating job opportunities and settlement of agricultural producers so that to contribute to development of the agricultural national product and the nest use of natural resources in addition to curbing poverty.
One of the most significant contents of the plan is the establishment of Desert Research Centre in Hadramout which is presently under construction with the aim of realization of renewable agricultural development in the governorate. It ids designed that the centre would work for the reclamation of arable lands, restrain advance of desertification factor on them and conducting agricultural researches on the possibility of expansion in the agricultural production in Hadramout governorate. Te ministry of agriculture and irrigation has earlier declared the establishment of 25 agricultural projects for participating in raising profitability of farmers and improving their living conditions.
Part of the government efforts for increasing the agricultural production the state authority for the development of Tuhama plain west of Yemen has achieved positive results. The proportion of securing a large portion of food needs for the governorate of Hudeida and other governorates reached 42% out of the total agricultural national product that forms 17% of the Gross Domestic Product.
The production volume of Tuhama plain of animal production in the country reaches 56% of botanical production, and animal products of red meats come from goats, sheep and cows. The plain contributes to production of animal fodders then cereals and vegetables and fruits, especially mango, banana and dates.
Sources at the state authority for the development of Tuhama plain confirm that there are many investment opportunities in the agricultural sector for entering advanced mechanization and equipment for the purpose of expanding in production and development of agricultural exports. All these are under study and evaluation of their feasibility now and for promoting for them among the expatriate Yemeni capital owners.