5 injured, tens arrested in confrontation between police and some:Grand Mosque chaos [Archives:2003/666/Front Page]

September 8 2003

Sanaa, September 6 – Five people were wounded and tens arrested in confrontation between police and people lashing ut at the US and Israel after Friday prayers inside the Great Grand Mosque in Sana'a, an eyewitness told Yemen Times. People said that police used clubs and fought with protestors condemning US and Israel occupation while attending the Friday sermon as protestors took the chance of the sermon being aired live on the Yemeni Satellite channel to shout and intercept the sermon preacher, condemning the US policy, saying “death to US and Israel.” The protestors and police battled using daggers and clubs in the fight which led to five injuries and tens of arrestees. According to sources, police was violent in dispersing the protestors and therefore serious injuries were hospitalized. Among the people who were arrested are: Adel Hadi, Ahmad Hassan al-Qasimi, Yasser Abdullah, Shaher Ali, Assad Hasan Saleh, Mohammed Ali al-Sayaghi, and Eisa al-Hamdani.
Security arrested over 40 persons in the past few weeks for reasons of protesting against US and Israel occupation after Friday prayers.