5 Yemenis killed in USA and Canada [Archives:2001/42/Front Page]

October 15 2001

Reliable sources at the Ministry of Immigrants’ Affairs said that four Yemenis have been killed in the attacks against Muslims and Arabs in USA and Europe, which were fueled by September’s terrorist attacks against the USA.
Abu Ali Al-Rabei, Ali M.Al-Mansour, and Hamoud K. Al-Shaif were killed in the USA, while Tariq Aman was killed in Canada.
The source confirmed that Abdulsalam Al-Malahi is the only Yemeni citizen who was killed in the attack against the World Trade Center. Sixteen others are still missing. They were working in the Center.
The source pointed out that the US authorities are detaining eight students. All but two were released. Raid Al-Wisabi is charged with having lived with a person whose name appeared in the list of people on one of the planes used in the terrorist attacks.
Ramzi Noman, studying computers in the USA, is still in custody. The US Immigration and Naturalization Service has detained 13 Yemenis for illegal residence in the USA.
The Minister of Immigrants’ Affairs, Abdu Ali Qubati, said that the ruthless attacks have affected many Yemenis, including women who are being insulted and abused.
He confirmed that his Ministry is maintaining around-the-clock contact with Yemenis in the USA and Europe, trying to sort out their problems.
He added that advocates to defend those in prisons have been authorized by the Ministry or the Yemeni Embassy. He said that due to various sorts of harassment, some Yemenis have decided to come back home; one of them has already arrived in Sana’a from the USA.
Furthermore, economic officials said Yemen would be very much affected by the terrorist attacks on the USA in terms of its economy. This will hit three fields – oil, tourism and marine shipment. Yemeni oil exports will be affected owing to the fall of oil price to $22 per barrel from $28-30. Yemen heavily depends on the revenues of oil exports. The tourist sector, whose revenues is estimated at $90-100 million annual, has also been greatly hit.