50 Yemeni girls illegally enter Oman [Archives:2007/1067/Local News]

July 12 2007

SANA'A, July 11 ) The secretary general of Yemeni Artists Syndicate for acting professions Fuad Al-Kuhali stated that 50 Yemeni ladies ranging between 15-17 years left Yemen to Oman on Wednesday without informing the concerned authorities in Culture Ministry or Yemeni Artists Syndicate.

Al-Kuhali added that the two Yemeni and Omani individuals are responsible for letting these girls into Oman in illegal manner, hinting that these two persons told them that the girls will participate in some celebrations to be staged in Oman.

He indicated that his syndicate is concerned over the fate of the girls especially when most of them are under-aged. Most of them are from Aden and they participated in Unity celebrations staged in Ibb last May.

In the name of the syndicate, al-Kuhali called for punishing those responsible for such illegal practices which damage Yemen's fame. He also asked Interior Ministry to embark on investigating the issue.

Al-Kuhli further told Yemen Times that his syndicate rejects such practices and denounces facilitating the elopement of the girls, warning that such girls could be exploited for dubious ends. He further asked for prompt investigation of those who facilitated the task before them. Also, he demanded their immediate home-return.