50,000 Officials, Pensioned off [Archives:2000/07/Local News]

February 14 2000

Well-informed sources at the State Administration of Pension and Social Security confirmed to Yemen Times that the number of officials so far pensioned off reached has reached 50,000.
Mr. Mohammed Hezam Al-Shohati, head of the Administration said that they were in the process of rearranging the situations of about 24,000 cases of government employees pensioners.
Moreover, around 25,000 military men and civil servants had been previously pensioned off. The World Bank had already recommended such measures as a necessary step to continue the financial and Economic and Reform Program carried out by the Government.
The amendments to the Pension Law recently passed stipulates that pensioners receive their basic salaries as well as their allowances. In addition, beneficiaries are to be granted 50% of each annual increment given to working staff. The amendments regarding the allowances do not effect the existing pensioners.