55 corruption cases with more than YR 33 billion discovered [Archives:2005/874/Local News]

September 5 2005

SANA'A- Sept. 1- In a report for the Central Organization for Control and Auditing, published on the 22nd of May in the news paper last week, the organization said that it discovered (55) corruption cases, costing YR., in addition to $11.931. The report added that there are also other material losses in real estate and cars. The organization had also received lately, other (175) corruption reports from its affiliated bodies costing a sum of about YR (75.890.941) in addition to $(11.500).

Some of these cases were brought to prosecution while others were ignored.

It worth mentioning that thousands of corruption cases, which are costing millions are discovered each year. Though they are brought to prosecution they are never tried, because some influential individuals interfere and stop them. No official was ever tried during the last decade with the exception of the theft cases of small officials who have no one to protect them.