55 MPs demand questioning of interior minister on prisoners [Archives:2004/721/Front Page]

March 18 2004

Fifty five members of the parliament have signed a petition asking for the questioning of the Minister of Interior Rashad Al-Aleemi by the parliament on the status of the prisoners still held without trial in the political security prison upon their arrest for suspicion of their possible involvement in terrorist activities or groups.
In the petition, the parliamentarians, who represent the ruling party plus opposition bloc and independents, have called upon the parliament speaker to send for the interior minister to stand before the parliament next Monday, March 22 for interrogation.
In the petition, the parliaments expressed resentment concerning the ongoing imprisonment of Yemeni citizens without any trial or even formal accusation. They demanded a list of all prisoners and the dates of their arrest along with description of the accusations against them and reasons why they were arrested and why they have not been tried yet.
This comes as the parliament will be looking within the coming days into the report prepared by the Liberties Committee of the parliament about the poor conditions of jails in a various governorates of the country following a comprehensive field survey.