5th Republic Athletics Championship [Archives:1997/49/Sports]

December 8 1997

Attended by Abdulwahab Raweh, the Minister of Youth and Sport, the Fifth Republic Athletics championship which was held between November 29 to December 2. This Championship took place at the international athletics racetrack for the first time, the track was inaugurated in Al-Thawra Sports city in Sana’a last September.
The Aden team had the upper hand throughout the match and the Shaab team of Dhamar fell back after being a strong competitor. Aden team won the gold medals of the 400-m competition and javelin throwing and 4, 100-m running medals. The Sana’a team won a gold in the long jump, a1500-m gold as well as 100-m gold. The games included long jumping, 1400-m and 4x100m – 5000m/1000m, javelin and discus throwing