600 International companies participated in JITCOM [Archives:2004/754/Community]

July 12 2004

By Fahmia Al-Fotih
For the Yemen Times

JITCOM 2004 was concluded on Friday 9 July 2004.
The exhibition was opened on Monday and was attended by Vice President Abdoalrabo Mansour.
Around 600 national, Arab and international companies in the computer and telecommunication field participated in the exhibition.
Omar Al-Nehmi, the marketing manager of Apollo for international exhibitions, told Yemen Times “The exhibition is supported by His Excellency the President of the Republic. The exhibition contains everything relating to up to date digital technology with the participation of 50 companies and 600 specialist agencies working in the telecommunications and computers field.”
He further said “We in the Apollo Company seek to expand our experience and work, open the door competition in front of the international companies and know the latest developments”.
He also pointed out that the exhibition tries to present local industry, supports the infrastructure for the programming industry in Yemen and pushes it towards greater competitiveness and participation in the national economy.