600 years old coins discovered in Ibb [Archives:2003/659/Local News]

August 14 2003

TAIZ_ A number of farmers who were working in their farm terraces on the slope of al-Mansour mount near al-Akhmas area, al-Udain, discovered old pieces of coin in there.
Mr. Khalid al-Ansi general manager of museums and antiquities in Ibb said that when the discovery was made at Fir'e al-Udain district in Ibb many of the natives rushed into the place and picked the coins which were sold at a cheap price between 200-1000 YR at al-Hurya Market in Shar'ab. The coins were tested to be more than 660 years old, specifically dating back to al-Rasooli al-Afdhal king; al-Abbas bin al-Malik al-Mujahid Ali bin al-Malik Dawood era. He was the sixth king of al-Rasooliya kingdom and ruled for 14 years between 764-778 A.H.
Ironically the national museum in Ibb keeps only 4 coins of the discovered ones and those were gifted to the museum by one of the area's sheikhs, while it is said that many others are still scattered around the region with interested natives. Mr. al-Ansi said that they have instructed head of Ibb security to investigate the location of the rest of the coins and to trace buyers and keepers of the coins so as to collect them and keep them in the museum.