7 of the Banished Journalists Return Home [Archives:2001/26/Front Page]

June 25 2001

Today, Monday June 24 2001, 7 of the 17 banished journalists who fled the country after the 1994 civil war will be returning back to their home country. “The journalists are Ahmed Al-Hubaishi, Mohamed Qasim Noman, Omar Bawazir, Abduldawood Al-Matari, Ahmed Thabet, Ahmed Yahya, Hassan Qasim,” said Mr. Mahboob Ali, Chairman of the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate (YJS). 
On the 29th of June, prominent media personality Mohamed Saeed Salim would also be returning to the country. However Omar Bawazir and Ali Saleh Jassar who are currently in Damascus may postpone their return until next month so as to let their children complete their classes. 
It is expected that Minister of Information Mr. Hussein Al-Awadhi along with Mr. Mahboob Ali would hold a meeting with the returning journalists to discuss various issues regarding their return to their duties in the press and media.