8 killed and 13 injured in tribal clashes [Archives:2002/07/Local News]

February 11 2002

Eight people were killed and 13 injured in two separate tribal clashes in Sa’dah and Ibb last week.
Tribal sources in Sa’dah told Yemen Times that fighting between Adham and Wa’elah tribes resumed last Thursday, claiming the lives of six persons and injuring 12 others, over a dispute on a piece of land on their borders.
The sources said local authorities kept mute and never did anything to stop the conflict that dates back to several years.
The two tribes are using various sorts of weapons, including heavy artilleries which might increase the number of causalities.
On the other hand, two people were killed and a woman was wounded in a clash between al-Bahm and al-Tuwaiti tribes in Yareem, Ibb 130 km to the south of Sana’a. They are disputing over the ownership of a water well.
A fighting between the same tribes erupted ten days ago after the local authorities released two prisoners from al-Tuwaiti tribe, accused of fueling conflicts between the two tribes.