80% of revenge attacks in Yemen caused by water [Archives:2006/967/Local News]

July 27 2006

SANA'A, July 23 ) A study conducted by the Civic Democratic Initiatives Support Foundation (CDISF), concluding its program regarding the Water Disputes Administration, declared last Thursday, July 20, that 80% of the disputes leading to fighting and revenge attacks are caused by disputes over water.

Conducted over 18 months and supported by the UK Embassy in Sana'a, the study was made within a program in three stages. The first stage focused on specifying the problems relating to water scarcity and the suggested solutions. The second stage focused on training and adopting mechanisms by which suggested solutions could be performed. The final stage of the program included issuing a solutions directory.

The study aims to identify the ways by which disputes arising between individuals, tribes and institutions can be solved. Furthermore, the study focused on water issues which took place in Al-Jawf and Amran governorates, showing the means by which those disputes were settled.

Additionally, the study indicated that the elements which shape the most important reasons for the outbreak of water disputes include failures to recognize different view points, lack of resources and conflicts of interests.

Finally, the study listed water disputes under three different categories concerning well drilling, irrigation channels and the construction of new water projects.