9th Annual Reunion of Taiz-Based ENT Specialists [Archives:1998/47/Local News]

November 23 1998

The 9th Annual Reunion of Taiz-Based Ear, Nose and Throat Specialists was held on November 17th. It was co-chaired by Dr. Abdul-Bari Moqbil of Yemen, and Dr. Wu of China. The event’s moderator was Dr. Yassin Abdul-Warith.

Many papers were presented on various aspects of the profession, including causes and types of diseases, new drugs and medicines, and above all, new break-throughs in the field.
Dr. Hassan H. Udayni spoke about OAEs (Oto-Acoustic Emissions). “This is a new revolutionary technique for testing hearing loss without requiring certain behavioral response or feedback from the patient. This is internationally accepted, and it is now available in Yemen,” he said. Udayni indicated the importance of this technique, especially in assessing hearing capability among infants and children.
The meeting was sponsored by GlaxoWellcome Company, which was represented by Dr. Gamal Katab.
By: Mohammed Al-Qadhi,
Yemen Times, Taiz Office.