9th Yemeni-Sudani Preparatory & Ministerial Committee Meets [Archives:2002/05/Local News]

January 28 2002

The Ambassador of Sudan together with the Vice Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Abdullah Salem al-Rammah, the Coordinator of the Hayel Saeed Anaam Companies Abdulwasae Hayel Saeed Anaam and businessman Gamal Hussein al-Rammah met on Januray 24-25, 2000 at the Ministry of Planning to discuss activating the role of investment and trade between Yemen and Sudan. They also discussed the bilateral relations and the the means to ameliorate the futuristic relations. In the same context, the Vice Chairman of the Aden Chamber of Commerce and Industry mentioned that new maritime line project would be carefully studied.
It is worthwhile mentioning that a Joint Cooperation Agreement was signed between the two countries on August 10, 1999 in Khartoum.
In a statement to the Yemen Times, Gamal Hussein al-Rammah, a businessman, said the participants at the preparatory committee suggested establishing a direct maritime line linking Boor Sudan, Aden and Hudiedah with a view of simplifying the process of sea transportation. He added that a Yemeni-Sudanese joint maritime company with regard to surmounting difficulties of transportation, canceling duties and holding exhibitions and trade markets between the two countries would be set up.
The ministerial meeting is held today between the Yemeni Foreign Minister, Abu Bakr al-Kerbi and his Sudanese counterpart. The Sudanese ambassador to Sanaa is also attending the meeting.