A baby who loves brightness [Archives:2006/955/Community]

June 15 2006

By:Riyadh Al-Romimah
Once, a man was walking through a dark night heard a baby cry. He thought that he was dreaming but the sound was still there. He went to see what was going on with that baby.

Then he began to go after that sound until he found it. There it was, a baby lying at his mother's feet.

The mother was captivated with known concatenations, blood coming from her chest. She was dying, telling truths to her baby.

The man knew the baby had been born in an immoral way, by the way those bullets crossed her weak body, killing beautiful hope and life.

He was astonished to hear the dialogue between the woman and her baby as she foretold him of unworthy attitudes that would make him lose his rites.

Masters, I will never worry more, I will tell you the whole story.

The man said: after I reached the location I heard them clear as I tell you.

The wounded mother: Baby! Do not cry, you have to bear it all; you have to finish this darkness; do it also for your coming children; we want a clear morning.

The baby: What's the matter? What's the darkness we are living?

What is all this blood from your chest? Is it to make calm? What's all these metals on your legs? Is it my distances?!

The mother : Hold on baby; I will tell you every thing. We were good, living in a clear brightness, and easily. You know my baby who brought this light? It was your ancestors who spent their soul to attain the glory that laved brightness

The baby: What is it mother? What's all this darkness?

Where is that brightness our ancestors brought?

The mother: Darling you know who brought this darkness?

And who banished the light?

The baby: Mother, who did it?

The mother: Your enemies, darling.

The baby: My enemies ?!

The mother: Your and your ancestor's enemies, yes they did.

Smiling, she said, ” your ancestors were strong