A beautiful dream [Archives:2006/1009/Community]

December 21 2006

By: Fuad Noman
[email protected]

While surfing all the world's sites

In Skies

The night-tide feels sad and cries

As the moon sways and fades out

The stars are smiling so proud

A beautiful dream sleeps

On my beloved's map

Gently, on land

The dawn's waking up

The sunshine penetrates

My darling's heart

As the sea heaves a deep sigh

He bequeaths her blue eyes

Painted the scene of rainy love

On her soul's chaise longue

Cheerfully, the birds chant

What a miracle lies in

the adorable bride!

In haste,

Her soul's spectrum reams the flush

of my bloodstream

Gathered all flamboyant butterflies

Flowers hugging the gentle breeze

The melodious rivulet's strings

Composing a symphony of Peace

That is called

The world's glory

Can't be found

In science nor in fine art

Never be in a layout

Never be, in times,

Present nor past

In fact, it is a love's story

It is my great pride

What a beautiful dream resides

In my soul's countryside