A book by Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen Dr. Khaled Al-Koumi:Between diplomacy & media in the era of globalization [Archives:2003/647/Local News]

July 3 2003

Dr. Khaled Al-Koumi, Egyptian Ambassador to Yemen has recently published his book entitled “Between diplomacy and media in the era of globalization”.
The book tackles issues about the weakness and strength in today's diplomacy and media relation. The book tries to draw conclusions about the best way to cope with the ongoing globalization taking place all over the world.
The book is an analysis and study of the success or failure of diplomacy in the Arab world, especially when interacting with the media. “We have learnt that as diplomats, we should talk a lot but say nothing useful. We never reply “Yes” to the media, but say “perhaps”, and never say “No”, but “perhaps not”. This is quite out-of-date and needs to change.” said the book.
It is worth noting that the book was published by the Sanaa-based Creativity Establishment for Culture, Literature, and Arts and the Cairo-based Arab Intellect Forum.