A bright spot for YemenSinging the praises of Aden [Archives:2003/688/Reportage]

November 24 2003
Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi
Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi
Mr.Nabeel Ali Ghaleb, Journalist
Mr.Nabeel Ali Ghaleb, Journalist
Mr. Ahmed Shamsan
Mr. Ahmed Shamsan
Mr. Hisham Abdullah Assaqaf, Manager of a navigation company
Mr. Hisham Abdullah Assaqaf, Manager of a navigation company
Mr. Mukhtar M. Saleh, Businessman
Mr. Mukhtar M. Saleh, Businessman
Ridhwan Al-Saqqaf
Yemen is a country endowed with so many strategic and historical gifts, we need to be careful not to let them deteriorate.
Look, for example, at Aden City.
Aden, with its magnificent shores and coastline, attracts tourists from all over the world.
They want to see the beauty of a piece of heaven manifested so nicely on earth in one of the most ancient civilizations.
Aden has the most pleasant beaches in Yemen and they have what every real estate expert knows is the key to good land.
People spend their holidays during Eid festivals and summer vacations in Aden's beaches, for sunbathing or convalescence.
Foreigners are naturally attracted to Yemen because it has two seas, the Arab Sea and the Red Sea, so close
Aden has also been attractive as a vital port city that played an important role in culture involving Yemen and other nations.
Its strategic location has linked other countries of the world, which has richly contributed to its growth in trade and commerce.
In addition to its important location it has now an international anchorage built as per the state-of-the-art modern technology and is provided with the latest new equipment.
As a commercial and industrial capital, Aden should be the mirror of Yemen. We should work hand in hand to encourage investment in this fine natural gift, so we can have health in tourism, industry, and trade and in all aspects of life.
Nowadays, particularly since appointing Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi, as the Governor of the city of Aden, the city has witnessed dramatic transitions in terms of development and other vital aspects that reflects the real image of the city as one of the economical and commercial capital of Yemen.
It has celebrated the 40th anniversary of 14 October Revolution where its buildings and streets have been beautifully decorated with lights.
A number of developmental and social projects have been officially inaugurated.
Since the time immemorial, the city of Aden was known as the city of trade through its historical harbor. It was and has been a vital navigation port for ships and supertankers anchored at Aden's harbor.
The glory of Aden can be perceived through restructuring its basic infrastructure such as, building new roads, establishing new parks, renewing and repairing the old buildings.
The visitor or the sightseer for this significant spot particularly these days, will witness a big difference.
Its governor, Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi has done his best efforts to make the city more civilized and more prosperous.
The Yemen Times has interviewed a number of people to know more about the city. Following are their comments.

Mr. Ahmed Shamsan
We see Aden changing and prospering day after day. We are astonished to see a large number of projects inaugurated, such as, building roads, reorganizing and repairing them permanently.
The keen interest paid by officials in Aden and the support of its governor has made the city restore its glorious station.
The most important and eye-catching for a visitor is the clean and the bright streets.
The visitor can see street cleaners in every lane and every street of the city.
We must reiterate here that the Adeni people must take part in maintaining the city as well as launching clean-up awareness campaigns. Everybody here has admired the level of the city's cleanliness.

Nabeel Ali Ghaleb, journalist
He who sees Aden today will not believe that it is Aden, particularly in terms of erecting new parks and gardens, building new branch streets and paving them.
This has created an outlet for the city and its residents from crowd as well as reorganizing the traffic circles in a proper manner.
The visitors to Aden can see a number of projects implemented and investment opportunities are also available. He will see that an active leadership which are capable of shouldering responsibility is behind this great and prosperous city.
Confidence that has been entrusted with its governor by the president of the republic has made the city grow and progress rapidly.
The people of Aden feel that Aden has its own specialty and certain kind of keen interest has been paid by the leadership there.
The president's keen interest to spend his winter vacation in Aden positively reflects his good intentions to be aware of the city, as well as paying a special attention to solve the problems of the city.s

Hisham Abdullah Assaqaf, ma ager of a navigation company
In reality, anyone who visits Aden will see a considerable positive change.
At the navigation level, the movements of ships coming to the Aden harbor have considerably increased and its harbor has been restored to its previous and glorious position after a period of stagnation, which caused huge loss to it.
In addition to this, the export movement as well as investment opportunities in the city have considerably increased.
Aden is among those important cities that has witnessed considerable growth in tourism industry.
On my own part, erecting a number of tourist installations has created a sense of positive impressions on the part of its residents and visitors or sightseers.
The city has incomparable tourist and trade potentials as well as good and promising future because of being one of the largest strategic cities in the Arabia peninsula and the region.
Change that can be felt in the city is also praiseworthy.
We see for instance a considerable attention day by day in rendering developmental and social projects, building new roads, repairing the old ones and painting residences.
This will help a lot for visitors and its lovers to come to the city and enjoy its charm and its enthralling beauty.
The city has been featured by its clean streets and painted buildings as well as its roads and streets which have become more expensive than before.
The great success behind Aden's prosperity can be attributed to its wise political leadership chaired by its governor, Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi.

Mukhtar Mohammed Saleh, businessman
I can't express my happiness. I have been captured by such rapid and considerable transition for the city particularly after 40 years.
The city has become a magnet for a large number of people after it has celebrated the 40th anniversary of 14 October Revolution.
Enjoying and touring its streets of Aden today will make you feel filled with pride.
Since the moment he has been appointed as a governor, Dr. Yahya Ashoaebi has been shouldering the responsibility of making the city as civilized as he can.
As a matter of fact, I'm one of the globetrotters, but when coming back to Aden, I find myself more inclined to the city than any spot in the world.
This is because many changes have been taking place.
Arabs as well as foreigners who visit the city of Aden are astonished of its enthralling beauty and charm.
Aden has real constituents for investments and a fertile place for investor and businessmen.

Ebraheem Khalaf, the Relation Manager at the Aden Refineries
The city has witnessed an ever-increasing growth, which is a clear testimony of its active trade policies adopted by the governorate's leadership in terms of improving the city from different levels.
This is evidently distinct for all people particularly with regard to its governor who has exerted strenuous efforts to make the city the most prosperous city in a very short period of time.
He has made himself an exemplary figure for field visits for the governmental facilities and installations.
This manifests itself after allotting a department entrusted with solving problems and worries of the people in the city of Aden.
The city has begun to restore its economical and commercial position.