A call for a revolution [Archives:2007/1083/Local News]

September 6 2007

By: Yemen Times Staff
Despite the bloody clashes and four deaths caused by the demonstrations in Aden and Muklla last week, sit-ins and protests are still being organized in many governments across Yemen. Demonstrators protest against government corruption and overbearing price hikes, demanding the authority to stop its “policy of starvation” as well as applying reforms

SANA'A, Sept. 5 — Thousands of protestors in Al-Dale' governorate, south of Yemen, called on Yemenis around the republic to subvert the existing regime. They announced this during a massive march which took place in Al-Dale', on Tuesday Sept. 4. They demanded a serious dialogue to redraft the unification terms, ones that would be acceptable for the two parts of Yemen

“The Sana'a regime is now over and has met all conditions to be removed,” read the statement of the demonstartion.

The protestors denounced the attacks by security officers in Aden and Hadhramout against demonstrators. As a consequence Dale' citizens carried out this solidarity march. They repeated slogans, denouncing the attacks and refusing the hunger policies.

They also held the president, prime minister, minister of interior, the chief of the political security body and other security officials accountable for the violations and suppressions happening in the two governorates. They also demanded to place these names on the human rights violators' list, informing the international organizations concerned about human rights.

Security officers have been spread out since early morning on the roads, and entrances of the cities as well as some of the state utilities throughout this week. The are preparing to control for any violent acts that may occur especially that last Saturday protesters blocked public road connecting Sana'a and Aden.

Teachers too

During their sit-in held in Al-Tahreer Square in Sana'a, on Tuesday Sept 3, teachers demanded the government to approve the second phase of wages strategy. The second phase of the strategy has been pending for over a year now since July 2006, as the third phase started from July 2007.

The teachers demanded their payment of around YR 82 billion in aggregate. The sum has already been approved in the general budget of the current fiscal year.

They also demanded their wages doubled to be at least YR 100,000 ($500) in retrospective for year 2006-2007 and an even further increase to YR 130,000 ($650) starting from July 2007.

Teachers working in rural areas demanded an additional as allowances for working conditions such as those posted in rural areas or far away from their homes. According to the employment laws of teachers, there is a provision of an increase between 30 – 60% for such considerations.

Ahmed Nassir Al-Rubahi, chief of Yemeni Teachers Syndicate, said, “Those in charge of the Ministry of Education treat teachers with all-inclusive mentality.””

Teachers return to hold sit-ins and protests due to the government breach of wages schedule.

“”The government is manipulating the allowances teachers deserve