A call for protecting the environment [Archives:2006/908/Local News]

January 2 2006

ADEN, Dec. 31 ) Recommendations of the General Authority for Environment Protection's workshop that was concluded on 28-29 December last year confirmed the need to amend the Environment law.

The recommendations included the need to activate environment protection legislations and to increase public awareness on wetlands and immigrating species. The amendment of the environment law protection is meant to coup with the present and future requirements of the wetlands, and to start a comprehensive plan for the administration and preservation of the wet and coastal lands.

For enhancing public's awareness, the participants in the workshop called on the Information Ministry to dedicate Audiovisual and press sources to promote awareness of environmental issue. They also ascertained that messages should be directed to decision makers, government officials, especially those of coastal governorates to encourage the creation of environment friendly societies and associations. These associations could work together with international environmental organizations on projects and scientific surveys and using local resources and international grants or funds.

The workshop was attended by 50 participants from the coastal areas, who presented a number of papers on wetlands in Hudaidah, Aden, Socotra, Abian and Hadramout. Some working papers were about the immigrating birds that traveling from Yemen to some Asian countries seasonally.