A Campaign Launched by Yemen Times “Let’s Join Hands to Save Adnan’s Life” [Archives:2000/04/Local News]

January 24 2000

As a patient with the disease of hemophilia, Adnan Al-Nidhari, 29, has since his childhood faced bruising, painful internal bleeding, potential joint damage, and complete dependency on regular blood product injections to supply him with the clotting factor missing from his blood. However, during the last five months, his case has deteriorated and turned to a severe hemophilia. He is currently surviving with the total dependence on the blood that is injected to him on a regular basis. However, his family is running out of money, and the blood available in the area will not be enough for him to live long.
If Adnan is not taken to a hemophilia treatment center within a few months, he will most probably die without any cure.
We as Yemen Times, ask you as our readers to join hands and start providing whatever assistance you can to save this young man’s life. We have raised a campaign for Adnan under the slogan “Joining hands to Save Adnan’s life”, which we hope will secure the USD 50,000 needed for his treatment abroad. The campaign is planned to continue until the money is collected, and all the participants, even with small amounts of money will be honored by Yemen Times when Adnan comes back from his medical treatment, with a hopeful future.
All Embassies, international organizations, businessmen, and readers are encouraged to participate in this campaign. We have hope in saving his life, and we know that will do something for him. Anything you give will contribute to saving his life. Contribute also by telling others about this.
Call us at 268661 and ask for Anwar Al-Sayyadi,
or send us an email to [email protected] & get Adnan closer to saving his life.
“Let’s Join Hands to Save Adnan’s Life”:
A Campaign launched by Yemen Times for a Humane purpose to save a young man’s life.
Or you can directly transfer an amount to the account :
Account. No. 65725-411
Arab Bank PLC
Sanaa – Yemen