A citizen accuses the department of Criminal Investigation of kidnapping his wife [Archives:2004/737/Local News]

May 13 2004

The citizen, Ismail Ali Abdullah Mukarum, has accused the Department of Criminal Investigation in Sana'a Secretariat of kidnapping his wife from inside his house, aiming to pressure him to sign blank papers and financial account documents already prepared in favor of his adversary.
He said, in a petition sent to the General Prosecution and General Judicial Inspector, and seen by Yemen Times, that his opponent has bribed members of the Criminal Investigation in return for a plan to humiliate him. He claimed that after they have failed to get their objectives through beating and mental and physical abuse, they kidnapped his wife illegally without any warrant from the prosecution.
The citizen explained in his petition that the law determines legal procedures for settling issues, but not through kidnapping. He concluded his petition by calling on the judicial inspection authority to intervene and to form a field commission of inquiry, and for the immediate release of his wife and payment of fair compensation for his ordeal.