A communique denouncing attack on journalist Syndicate [Archives:2005/850/Local News]

June 13 2005

Journalists without boarder organization has anxiously followed the news of assault against the journalist syndicate and the closure of their place on Wed. 08/06/2005

The Organization thinks that , this assault wouldn't have taken place had it not been for the intensive activity, the syndicate is adopting nowadays in defending journalists' rights, and freedom of press. The Organization thinks that this is a serious indication that threatens the mere being of journalist's syndicate.

The Organizations warns all those concerned with human rights and freedom of press to be aware of he this danger, and to read between the lines what this action implies. It also requests the authorities to investigate and punish those responsible.

In a related issue, the Organization appeals to the (YJS), civil community organizations and human rights organizations to continue their pressure, and solidarity in the case of their colleague Rahma and Hafiz, till punishment is carried out, and see to it that they are enumerated.

It also warns the syndicate of the attempts to weaken their solidarity through the attempt of attack against Mr. Al -Fishani, editor of Al- Billad newspaper, by our colleague Rashida Al – gaily. If this really happened the organization denounces it , and regards it as a wrong behavior that Rashida will bear responsibility for, however her motives might be, and it is for the judiciary to decide on this matter.

The organization appeals to the syndicate not to make of itself a court to try its members on their personal conduct which has nothing to do with their career.