A Compilation of AbdulHabeeb’s Writings Democracy: A SOUR WORD [Archives:1999/11/Local News]

March 15 1999

A book by the title “Democracy: A Sour Word,” which includes many articles by the deceased Abdul Habeeb Salem Moqbil, martyr of free speech, has been issued. The book includes the articles of Mr. Sale, which he published in Sawt Al-Ummal, Al-Wahdawi, and Al-Shoura newspapers from 1990 until his death in October 1995. It also included some interviews made with the late by Al-Wahdawi and Al-Umma newspapers.
In the book, we can also read a dedication by Mr. Salem’s wife to all the people who knew and loved him to trace his foot path. The last cover of the book included the resignation of the late from the parliament on March 28th 1995.
Mr. Salem Moqbil left us a good example of a personality that cannot ignore calling for the truth and even sacrificing for it.
He was a model journalist who dedicated his life to what we all think is true and cannot do without.