A course on economic information [Archives:2004/725/Local News]

April 1 2004

Yasser Mohammed Al-Mayyasi
Under the auspices of the Chief of the Journalists Union of Germany and a prominent journalist, Mr. Wolf Janeh Mayer, a course specializing in economic journalism began in Sana'a on Sunday 28 March. The course, organized by the Yemeni Journalists Syndicate, involves 30 journalists representing official, private and political party-affiliated newspapers. They receive practical and theoretical lectures, including one by Mr. Mayer, on economic journalism in a time of globalization, professional guidelines for economic editors, contact theories and how to create an attractive economic page with the know-how to search for economic information on the internet.
This course is considered an important base for the foundation of economic journalism and equivalent to the beginning of Yemeni-European cooperation in other fields of information. More importantly, the trainees, through this course, will be able to prepare more transparent reports on the economy and companies in the light of the changes in the legal framework, market conditions and economic development in their country. Economic editors will be able to detect facts behind figures and economic terms and whether companies (public or private) discharge their responsibilities towards the public interest.