A cultural enlightening week to combat revenge in Dhamar [Archives:2004/729/Culture]

April 15 2004

Preparations are underway to hold a cultural enlightenment week to combat revenge and violence and spread of virtues of peace and forgiveness, to be organized during the month of April by Dar Al-Salaam Organization, in cooperation with Al-Wafa Women's Social Association and Al-Waheda Social Association. This week comes within the framework of a national campaign to fight the revenge phenomenon.
A seminar participated in by an elite of intellectuals dealing with this phenomenon will be held in support of the call of President Saleh to all Yemeni tribes to discard this habit, as part of the activities of the week. A peaceful march consisting of students, children and widowed women will take place in Dhamar to condemn and denounce this phenomenon. A photographic exhibition will also be held during 10-15 of April.