A delegation of NSIFT visited Yemen [Archives:2005/872/Local News]

August 29 2005

Amel Al-Ariqi
Yemen Times staff

A delegation of the National Social Investment Fund of Tajikistan NSIFT visited Yemen between 18Agust- 24agust 2005 with the aim of discussing future initiatives and knowledge sharing.

Mr. Zardov Sh., executive director of NSIFT said that the Yemeni fund was chosen because of its reputation and credentials with donor nations and NGO's. “There are a lot of common issues between our fund and the SFD. The problems that you face in your country regarding water services, education and health issues are similar to those we face in our country” Mr. Zardov Sh dilated. “I believe that exchange visits and experiences is very important to find out new methods and strategies to implement development projects that improve peoples lives” he added.

Worth mentioning, the members of the delegation visited some projects which are supported by the SFD in Haja, Amran , and the municipality. The members of the delegation praised the projects water and education sectors.