A dream for Arab youth [Archives:2008/1177/Viewpoint]

July 31 2008

At the third youth conference organized by the Arab Thought Forum in Amman, Prince Hassan bin Talal president of the forum inaugurated the conference by describing a dream he has for Arab youth. His dream was that a time would come when the young men and women of our countries would be free in spirit and mind, and would feel confident that they can. He also described the environment at which he thought this dream could be true; an environment where the adults provide positive guidance and encouragement for the youth, and where praise comes more readily than discouragement.

In the same conference, the talented Samar Mazghani one of the youngest authors of the Arab world also described the situation of Arab youth. She gave a metaphore describing a narration in Gabriel Garc”a Marquez's “one hundred years of solidtude”” where one of teh heros entertains himself by imagining to walk from one room to another to another and all the rooms look alike