A drop from sea [Archives:2007/1081/Community]

August 30 2007

By: Salah Mose'sd Babak
Each year I am accustomed to share with my relatives and villagers their lovely traditions. Ameer Al-Eid is the most famous and important tradition of the people of Aldla'a, in Ibb governorate, particularly in Wadi Bana. This habit is being inherited among generations like a repeated process at the occasion of Aladha Eid.

For this event, which was invented by our forefathers 200 years ago, people prepare themselves and travel to villages to share with their families this glorious scenery, celebrating the Eid's days.

There are many steps people should follow to arrange for this custom. First, they specify around eight skilful men who are supposed to have some skills such as dancing, joking or singing. Then, they divide them into two groups. The first group should disguise themselves by wearing dreadful clothes in order to frighten the audience.

The second group must wear different clothes so as to be distinguished. Theses clothes are similar to bride's dress. Each one of the second team appears like a bride and they should know how to dance. Consequentially, they will be exposed to the audience's courtship.

While the two teams prepare themselves, drummers do their job to gather people into a specific place, where the first day of the festival is spent. Then, on the other days they exchange visits with other areas.

Before acting, participants display their popular dances. After that, fun begins in the masked ball, where teams are going to have a competition.

After dancing together, songs, ballads, and jokes are displayed competitively. The winner will immediately get one of the brides. The judge in this situation is the bride who chooses the best actor in the contest.

Despite having fun from this custom there is another purpose. For instance, the event is used to discuss a lot of society's issues such as immigration that cause separating as well as neglecting families. Also, it is used to discuss how youth suffer due to the increasing of the dowry which becomes a real obstacle to those who would like to get married. Nay, carrying weapons, which is one of the main issues clearly seen in our country, is discussed within this function. I would like to say that this is just a drop from the sea of the Yemeni history which is so rich in different customs. However, the Ministry of Culture should realize the value of such events. Really, I wish that the government would support and care for these traditions which we inherited from our forefathers.