A Family of Seven Persons Killed All Together [Archives:2000/14/Local News]

April 3 2000

Sunday, 26 March 2000, precisely at 3:30 a.m. residents of AL-Mousala Zone in Taiz heard several gunshots. In the same morning, 7 dead bodies were found in Tahir Mohammed Hassan Saleh Al-Zorayki’s house.
The bodies belonged to Tahir himself, his wife and his five kids. The elder was his son Imad Tahir and the youngest was his 3-year-old boy. Investigation Office has started investigating the incident but results were still unknown.
Reports vary in regard to the reasons of the incident. Some show that the father, Tahir, killed his family and then shot himself dead.
Taiz Security Director, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, declared that the officer in charge of investigating this incident found a letter in Tahir’s house containing his last will. Dr. Rashad said that the father stated that all his belongings should go to his brother in law Khalid Mokbil Fare’e to pay his debts. He had also mentioned that he committed this crime for personal reasons. It is also said that the letter was shown to many of his relatives who assured that it was his handwriting. Other reports show that he has been shot three bullets one on his head, the other on his chest and the last on his back
Investigations are still going on to unravel the mystery of this incident. YT learnt that the Chief of Taiz Prosecution, Mohammed Fakhir has, at 4.30, ordered the medical examiner to run autopsy on bodies of the victims