A five-point programReforming Yemen’s finance and administration [Archives:2003/691/Business & Economy]

December 4 2003

The Ministry of Civil Service has launched a program for the financial and administrative reform composed of five significant points related to administering human resources, individual information, a system on salaries information and development of accountancy information system, administering the change, and restructuring.
The more significant of those components is the development of accountancy information system that the Ministry of Finance is now implementing in its second phase, aiming to improve the financial and accountancy system to cover all units inside the Sana'a capital secretariat, and establishing a computer network linking the concerned parties.
The project includes the development of financial and accountancy information system at the ministries of education, public works, public health and population and the Central bank of Yemen. The project connects those parties with digital lines and its main center is at the Ministry of Finance.
The accountancy system aims at realizing better benefit from government financial revenues, facilitating government financial works, implementation of budgets, controlling payable expenses and accounts and managing cash amounts and fixed assets. The Ministry of Finance has implemented the first phase of the project that included preparing and operating the system in the ministry and other sides via electronic communications from the finance ministry and the central bank of Yemen.
The Ministry of Civil Service is attaching hope to implementing the projects it is one of the basic pillars for the reforming polices in administration connected with the general strategy for modernizing and updating the system of civil service leading to supporting the institutional structure in finance. Specialized sources at the Ministry of Finance mention that the accountancy project would be completed in its third phase. This phase includes entering the financial and accountancy systems to include all the country's governorates and districts and it is expected to be accomplished by the end of next year.
This approach comes in the context of the Yemeni government endeavor to complete the economic reform program it had begun implementing it in 1995. The reform program stresses that success of the private sector investments in the country greatly depends on the honest administrative machinery characterized by efficiency and effectiveness.
The whole matter requires simplification of government structure and measures and accountability of administrative apparatuses for the accomplished results. It also requires improvement of skills, reduction of civil servants numbers and drawing up budgets for realizing speed in finishing works.