A Foreign Diplomat Depressed [Archives:1999/30/Local News]

July 26 1999

Sana’a- A foreign diplomat expressed his disappointment to a local newspaper with the way by which the upcoming presidential elections is to be held in October. The foreign countries and the international organizations which support democracy in Yemen were hoping to see real competitive elections in which all parties present their programs and nominees in a way that can help enhance the democratic experience, the same source pointed out. It added that the fact that some of the meaningful parties opted to refrain from participating in the elections and chose nominees from other parties shows that the political crisis the country faces is still ongoing. This crises creates an atmosphere of insincerity and mistrust, which is also enhanced by the state organizations that break the law and intervene so as not to give equal chances for more people to participate in the elections. The Islah party, the largest opposition party in Yemen, has nominated Ali Abdullah Saleh for the upcoming presidential elections.