A Gathering in Memory of Dr. Saqqaf [Archives:2001/24/Front Page]

June 11 2001

Yemen Times organized a function on Monday June 4, at its premises in memory of its founder, Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf. The assembly included tens of the close friends, including Minister of Information, Mr. Hussein Al-Awadhi, US Embassy’s Cultural Attache Dr. Chris Eccals, Mr. Mohamed Al-Tayyib, Shoura Council member and former Minister of Labor and several others.
In his welcome statement, Editor-in-Chief, Walid Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf said, “We welcome you to this informal gathering of the friends of Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Saqqaf, which is held on the occasion of his second death anniversary. Your joining us today indicates how it is important for you to remember this great man and his deeds. We organized this gathering to have Dr. Saqqaf’s friends remember his deeds and come together to discuss and provide support to the institute Yemen Times that he founded.” The friends of Dr. Saqqaf expressed their support in all forms to his family.
Dr. Abdulaziz Turmoom, a close friend and neighbor of Dr. Saqqaf said, “I would like on this occasion to reiterate our resolve to stand beside the family and establishment of Dr. Saqqaf in all possible ways. This is an appropriate occasion to emphasize our commitment to do so through the years.”
The informal gathering made it possible for the different guests to focus on various issues related to the situation of the press and various other issues.
A questionnaire that was designed to assess the progress of Yemen Times since the demise of Dr. Saqqaf was distributed to all the guests present so as to have a clear vision about where Yemen Times was heading.
According to the questionnaire results, 90% of the guests opined that Yemen Times has progressed during the last two years in the editorial content and 100% said that it has progressed in advertising. Regarding the stand of the newspaper, 80% said that it continues to hold a independent unbiased line in terms of reporting, while 90% said that it has become more popular and widely circulated.