A glance at Yemen’s Eastern Gate [Archives:2006/967/Last Page]

July 27 2006

By: Mohammed Ismail Al-Shami,
Spanning a large area of our beloved country, its coastline stretching along a pleasant and fascinating area, Al-Mahrah governorate is Yemen's “Eastern Gate” leading to other Gulf states. The governorate reflects the Creator's omnipotence and the multidimensional scene of desert, mountain, sea, beach, valley and plain.

All praise to Allah who created such a natural scene with a charming beauty attracting feeling and sight. Al-Mahrah really combines all the components of beauty, land, humanity and civilization dating back thousands of years. Locals still preserve their own language following from the Himyarite language, according to many historians. The Mahrah-owned language never has submitted to any influence over time, despite the changing aspects of Arabia Felix's civilization. How beautiful and fascinating is the language of Al-Mahrah locals, particularly through the words of its speakers.

Within the governorate is the protected area of Hawf, attracting numerous visitors from neighboring and foreign countries who then frequent the site from time to time, particularly in spring and autumn. Thanks to the Creator's omnipotence (subhanah wa taala), Al-Mahrah deserves to be labelled among the World's Wonders.

I hope investors and migrant businesspersons will give this governorate precedence over others in terms of implementing future projects in different areas, as it is qualified enough for various investments and provides all the factors leading to success. All this is due to the fact that Al-Mahrah enjoys high historical prestige and a distinctive geographical location as Yemen's Eastern Gate. Al-Mahrah also is a governorate of expatriates, who thereby constitute the mainstream to its development and growth.

I call on migrant businesspersons to contribute to driving forward the wheels of development in their country and live up to the responsibility to improve the governorate's infrastructure. I also acknowledge the tangible role played by the Yemeni government in not neglecting to issue laws protecting expatriates and investors who invest in the governorate.

Another positive government step was amending the tax and customs laws, which helped offer all facilities, support, protection and encouragement to investment and investors. These steps were taken thanks to efforts by the builder of modern Yemen, developer Marshal Ali Abdullah Saleh, who gave priority attention to expatriate businesspersons mainly via the most recent republican decree, which merged the Foreign Affairs and Expatriate Ministries into one. He did this to suggest solutions to expatriate issues and create a safer investment environment.

I repeat my call to expatriates, who are the products of Al-Mahrah governorate, to visit their governorate's Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Office to brief us on any problems or issues hindering their projects, as we are ready to suggest the best solution to them.

Mohammed Ismail Al-Shami, is the General Manager of Foreign Affairs & Expatriates Office, Al-Mahrah governorate.