A Glimpse at Northern Cyprus [Archives:2004/748/Community]

June 21 2004

By Karman Al-Khalidi
For the Yemen Times

Those who have visited Northern Cyprus will remember an island of golden beaches, brilliant weather, mountain forests, ancient castles and sun-bleached villages. The most memorable of all is the warm smile of the Turkish Cypriot people. Northern Cyprus is a small country, about 120 miles (East-West) and about 15 miles (North-South).
The seaside town of Kyrenia with its surrounding mountain villages offers all the modern facilities of a European town, whereas, the villages of the Karpaz region seem to have been left behind in another age.
History is a major theme in this legacy of the past to this day.
Despite the past, Northern Cyprus is a peaceful place, which has seemingly sidestepped the pressures of modernity. The pace of life is slow, as if the 200,000 inhabitants have more time than they know what to do with.
There are many activities to enjoy in North Cyprus; horse riding, go-carting, hunting, sea turtle watching, walking/hiking/trekking, water sports and yachting. You may also enjoy the amazing nightlife in Kyrenia and the rich Cypriot cuisine, which is as unique as the Turkish Cypriot people.
If you decide to visit the Turkish Republic of North Cyprus and enjoy its relaxing atmosphere, be sure that you will enjoy this heavenly escape from the grind of modern life.