A Great Giant [Archives:2005/881/Community]

September 29 2005

Fuad Noman
[email protected]

Standing on steep slope

Cascade ! A great giant you are

Seeing you how to wear the garment of silky hope

Though your groans are always long,

But You quench the thirst of our globe

Cascade! A great giant you are

From the Vietnamese Freedom boulders

Your anger roar runs and spreads out on

The Babylon garden

To grow the rose of Arab again along

With the tide of splendor

Cascade ! A great giant you are

The Euphrates and Tigris can not be dry

They depict the top of National anthem

It is our future freedom

Cascade, A Great Giant you are

I am closer to your anger, not too far

Not as the faint that sleeps by the eyes of star

Oh my Goodness! A Monster, An Ugly Face you are

I heard a voice of Hypocrisy call you a brighter sign!

Incredible Scandal and Shame

No way! A Hero in time

It is the code of rime

Oh my Goodness! I am not a holder of Macbeth's plot

But the sword of words is a stronger strike than your shot

So I am not scared to call you a Hero of rape

The echo of folk creeps into your fluffy ears

Do not escape

Why do you pretend that you are deaf?

Living confused dreams!

Your death hands are always shedding

The Innocent Tears

How was my country's landscape?

Who deforms her beauty shape?

In her lips slept the taste of grape

So, your hidden hatred you plant can be

Buried and grown beside your end grave