A High-Ranking Japanese Official Arrives in Yemen [Archives:2001/33/Front Page]

August 13 2001

Ms. Maruya Kaori, Parliamentary Secretary for Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan arrived in Sana’a yesterday on an official visit to exchange views with Yemeni Leaders on bilateral relations and current international issues.
Yemen is the first country Ms. Maruya is visiting, followed by Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Bahrain and Iran.
During her stay in Sana’a, Ms. Maruya will attend the signing ceremony of Exchange of Notes and a Japanese Grant Aid, (the Food Increase Production Grant Aid Valuing J. Yen 500,000,000 and the Debt Relief Grant Aid Valuing J. Yen 147,004,000. Enhancing this occasion Prime Minister Mr. Bajammal will attend the above mentioned signing ceremony.
Ms. Maruya will make a courtesy call with Prime Minister Mr. Bajammal, and also with Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Al-Qirbi, and other ministers to further promote bilateral relations and discuss Japanese economic cooperation with Yemen. Ms. Maruya is also expected to make a courtesy call to President Saleh.
The last visit by a Japanese high ranking official to Yemen was made by Mr. Tatsuo Ozawa, the Special Envoy who attended the 10th National Day Anniversary of the Republic of Yemen in May 2000.
Ms. Maruya will seize this opportunity also to discuss with Yemeni officials how to widen the basis for dialogues with Islamic civilizations through enhancing mutual understanding and the exchange of scholars and intellectuals.
It is worth mentioning that since the visit of president Ali Abdullah Saleh to Japan in 1999, relations between Yemen and Japan have been rapidly strengthened. It is expected that exchange of visits of high ranking officials such as Ms. Maruya’s visit sill further enhances bilateral relations.
Ms. Maruya’s position is number three in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, and she is visiting Yemen for the first time. She has been eagerly looking forward to visiting Yemen which has a rich history and a valuable cultural heritage, and to see with her own eyes the process of the democratic system and the economic reform schedule being implemented under the leadership of president Saleh.