A homage to Yasser Arafat [Archives:2004/800/Education]

December 20 2004

By Dr. M. Snehaprabha
Associate Professor,
Hadramout University

The architect of Palestine
The great warrior of PLO
Rebel leader of the Palestinians
Martyr of Arab Freedom
Powerful spokesman of Third World Countries
Strong supporter of non-Alignment policies
Thou art gone;
But thy spirit will ever live
To lead the suffering
To inspire the deprived and oppressed
For fighting against inequalities
And gaining human rights
Wherever freedom is questioned
Thy spirit will rise to challenge
All evil forms of fascism
The olive leaf produced in the UN
By this Nobel laureate is the sign of world peace
The smile on your face even under tyranny
Will teach us the value of endurance
Yasser Arafat is dead, Long live Arafat