A human wolf [Archives:2007/1037/Community]

March 29 2007

By:Mohammed Saleh Ali Almoqri
A student at Sana'a University.
English department.
Level two
[email protected]

Once upon a time there was a family contains mother, father and the only child Ahmad, the mother was pregnant. At that time people were accustom to bury their daughters after their ablactating due to those people had believed girls are shame, so to get rid of this shame they had to bury them. However, father wanted to leave the mother land in trading, before his leaving he bequeathed Ahmad (the only ten years old son of the family) to bury the coming born if it will be female.

“I will, father”, he promised, after hugging and crying among the family. “Fare well!!” The father shouted, waving hands. “Return nearly!!” said the mother with tearful eyes. “Take care!!” added the father signing his hands toward them. Days came days went ! Mother became about to give birth.

“I hope it will be a boy. Oh God make it”! With a broken heart said Ahmed.

By passing of the time Ahmad became a wise boy. When he was seeing the wars that were occurring among the tribes, he realized what a cruel killing is!

“How I can bear to kill my sister by my hand”, he said rising his hands to the sky.”My God make it male”, he added. The day of birth came and Ahmad's mother had been pained a lot. More than two hours have the poor mother spend with pains' of procreation. Last but not least mother gave birth.

“Thanks for Allah”. Is she ok? Ahmad asked the midwife.

“Do not worry, she is alright; bring some food”, the midwife replayed.

“Congratulations!! Very nice, oh my God what a beautiful born you have got!!” The talkative midwife added gladly.

“What is it?” The outspent mother with an intermittent voice asked.

“It is a beautiful girl”. The mid wife answered.

“Mom, are you ok, I have brought some food to you to eat”. Mercifully, said Ahmed.

“Thanks Ahmad”. His Mum said.

After a moment of silence, “Do you remember you father's behest??!” The mother asked Ahmad. “Yes mom but do you mean the newborn is “Yes it's. “And I will name her “Halima” what do you think”? “Yes mom, as you like!!” “However, no benefit behind naming her, by the way we did not receive any letter from my father or news about him”, Ahmad inquired. “Perhaps he is busy or he couldn't send”. The mother replayed.

Five years passed. The time of executing the behest had come, Ahmad thought. Ahmad went to the desert, carrying his sister in a purpose of burring her. Where are we going? The little girl with a broken utterance asked her brother. Oh; mine we are going to play as usual. Ahmad with painful mimes said. Where is mom? The girl with profound crying asked? She will come honey, calm down, he replayed. When they had arrived to the place of Halima's fate, Ahmad started digging small grave while girl playing by sand scattering it over Ahmad's head and back, after finishing digging the grave.

“Now we can play, come and lie at the bottom of the hole”. Ahmad ordered the innocent child. She lied and waited till Ahmad brought the rectangular rocks so as to cover the grave, while he was putting the rocks the victim roared saying “there are still punches”. Ahmad's heart broke to the girl saying with sympathetic voice “what did she do in order to be killed, God forgive me, removing the rocks, hugging his sister and coming back home.

In his way Ahmad planed to substitute his sister instead of the horrible doing before his father come back, so he went to look about some one has a boy to substitute him with his sister, but people disagreed because they all do not like females in their traditions to the exclusion of one who requested a plenty of money. Ahmad has no other option. At least he was supposed to agree. Halima enforced to leave her family and the new strange boy had been sold. Both victims had cried for few days due of separating their families then they had to accept the new position. Time of father's returning had been close. Father arrived after long absence. It was Great greeting among the family father hugged the mother yearningly and Ahmad had done too, but the majority of kisses 'fortunately' was of stake of the boy. Days went days came, father knew the hidden puzzle according to the Spy ( the midwife) who was in a good relationship with the father therefore she got some hush money for that in addition father was in doubt when he noticed that the boy's features were different to the family's. Ahmad's father expostulated him for what he did, he requested his father to alibi him who agreed in condition of returning his sister. Ahmad returned his sister who had been completely changed due of harmful and cruel dealing which the counterfeit family lectured her. Because of the gain which the father had got as a result of his long commercial traveling the family became somehow rich, they had bought new home with a farm surrounding by a fence full of horses. Ahmad and Halima were training riding horses so they became as well and skilful riders as knights. At morning they were going to woods in a purpose of touring and hunting. One day as usual Halima wanted to wash her hair in the pond, one of her long fair hair felled in water. After her leaving some shepherd came with his horses in order to drink them but they backed off due of the long dark hair. Shepherd took the unique hair and showed it his lady who was looking about the most beautiful girl in the area as a wife for her son.

“I got her”!! The ugly old woman said. “Observe the owner of the hair”. With a cold command added the proudfull woman.

“I will Madam”, the servant said bowing his body.

The second day shepherd found Halima easily and brought her to his lady. Welcome .!! “The old woman said gazing to the sweety girl”.

“Here you are”, do not feel shy, the place will be yours if you believe me. After long dialogue between them the old ugly fraudulent, she went well of convincing the deceivable girl to marry her son. By this doing the girl seemed had been deceived. But as a kind of respect she went to her brother to tell him about the chance which she got as she thought. Normally Ahmad strongly refused because of thing which Halima did not know until now this thing is that the old woman had been killed Ahmad's grandfather who was the area's sheik.

“No no… You have to be away of the killer woman, impossible, we are the only members whom will avenge of my grandfather and underdogs' dead while you want to be a wife of our foe! Forget that sister please .. Please”. Ahmad shouted.

“Do not tell my father he will behave wrongly of you”. Ahmad added.

Silently the girl left the place and started to talk to herself. “It is my chance which I was waiting for, now my dreams will be real, being a wife of princekin is something great, living in a palace with good fame servants and Abigails, becoming a queen, all these hopes and ambitions have no chance better than this. But Ahmad is an obstacle on my way, what I will do?” “No way except mutiny, I will show him my other face…!” Despite Ahmad refused but I am free, Halima talked to her new lady.

“Well doing Now would you mind let us give him lesson??!!!” The old woman replayed angrily.

“Do what ever you want I will never come back to them”, the victim girl said.

“Bring the leader of the guards”. The old woman commanded the servant.

“Yes lady I am ready, order me?” The leader said.

“Destroy the guy”. She ordered in attendance of the traitorous sister.

Soldiers did big battle against one hero “Ahmad” ended with two killed soldiers and a lot of injuries. Ahmad had received more than fifty stabs in his body, after burring him with small stones. The rest of soldiers had reassured their lady that they finished their combat mission. But fortunately there was a woman had seen battle events from the beginning she approached from the buried man. Suddenly when she was closing to him, she was hearing a voice rising ah h h. In a hurry way woman removed the stones and pulled the wounded man, taking him to her hut where he had good treating, at the woman who has an experience in treating injuries during wars. Period passed, Ahmad became well but he couldn't raise the trying rocking which the woman always trying wounded power by it and to make sure of their ability of fighting. After long training Ahmad could raise the rock and he became well.

“Now you can depend on yourself”. The woman congratulated Ahmad.

Ahmad returned to his family and told them the story.

“That was a result of your disobedience for me and the coming will be worse”. Father said.

“I told you that old-woman is as treacherous as wolf; you can call her “A Humane Wolf .The father with sorrow talked to Ahmad.

“What are you going to do”? He added.

“You will see father”. Leaving the home Ahmed replayed.

Accidentally, Ahmad arrived at the palace of the old woman when they she was arranging a celebrating on occasion of Halima and hamza's wedding. The drums are rapping. People are dancing; even pigeons and crows are flying above attendees. Suddenly couple appeared surrounded with servants. The groom was wearing black clothes while the bride was wearing a white dress, catching a fagot of flowers and both were smiling and greeting attendees. Ahmad did not bear that scene, so he closed from the celebrating place, wearing his sword bow and arrows, and riding his horse.

“Do you challenge me to shot a crow beside pigeon?” Ahmad challenged the head of the guards.

“Ah…ah h oh man it is not a time of joking, go away!!!” sneeringly the head of the guards replayed.

“If I did”, Ahmad asked.

“You will be in my position”

“Just look at me!!” Ahmad took the bow and putting in it two darts.

“You are putting two! Are you crazy?!!” The head of the guards laughed.

“If the first missed its aim the other will infect”. Ahmad explained.

“Ah… so show me”, Replied the head of guards.

Ahmad pointed toward the crow but as quick as lightning he converted the bow direction toward the husband and shot him.

Then “who wants to meet his fate follow me”, Ahmed shouted.

The entire of the old woman's army followed him into a level land while Ahmad was waiting with his best knights in the area. A big battle happened between the old enemies continued for few hours and finished with a gigantic massacre, but although this cruel massacre the right will triumph. Whatever the unmerciful tyrannical and humane wolves had lived it is inevitably they will meet a bad fate by underdogs' hands. Ahmad retrieved his sister and revenged for his family and for all downtrodden people. Ahmad “symbol of well-being” prevailed.