A Kid Table Tennis Champ Challenge of  the Future [Archives:1998/04/Sports]

January 26 1998

Ahmed Mohammed Al.Mahaqiri is a 11-year old young athlete. He plays volleyball since he was 7 years old. H e is one of those who came to light during the various competitions held at the national club in Ramadhan. Yemen Times had a short talk with this champ;
Q: Why do you specifically play volleyball ? A: I played several sport games during the various competitions that the national club organized. I played football and body building .But, as I found myself more inclined to volleyball, I continued training to improve myself in this game.
Q: Did you get enough care to continue your training? A: Yes, at first my father, who was actually a volleyball player, kept on encouraging me. Then the national club gave me good opportunities to continue my training and to participate in championships.
Q: As a young volleyball player, what are you looking forward to in the future? A: I’m looking forward to continuing my training and then to join the national team. I was nominated for that by the national club. I really hope to represent Yemen abroad and to secure good places in the future.
Q: And what kind of troubles do you often come by? A: The difficulties are that there are very few championships  and sports competitions organized by the Yemeni Volleyball Association. You know that a player need such in order to gain more experience. Training alone is not enough. This is added to the lack in training facilities for many sport games. Despite of that, I see that the national club offers good facilities as far as it can do.