A letter to the president [Archives:2002/47/Focus]

November 18 2002

amen_me @yahoo.com

Dear President,
This is a letter from one of the Yemen’s most patriotic people, who, at many brave and courageous times defended Yemen’s unity in the civil war in 1994 against the secessionists.
All my family members and I gave our savings for years for the cause of unity. I know it is nothing contrasted to the massive needs of unity at that time, but at least we had the honor of participation.
We gave many food items, overloaded our cars with aid to our military and risked our lives by driving these aid cars to the lines of war where the legitimate forces were fighting the enemies of the unity.
We did so, no matter how difficult and dangerous it was because for this good country I am not only ready to give help, but also willing to sacrifice my life for its stability and security. This is not my only feeling, but it is common sense for every patriot toward his homeland where he was grown up.
We have helped in attaining security in cooperation, and we stay alert against anyone we happen to know that he has any link with sabotage acts. That’s a common responsibility for every one living in this country.
I have tried too many times to contact you by any means, but to no avail, because I have no email or telephone number to get an appointment with you.
It seems to be impossible for me to convey to you my problem. I believe that you can solve it.
By the way, I dreamed one night that I was shaking hands with you and then you gave me the republican flag at one of our national anniversaries. I felt very proud and lucky to have seen the president face-to-face and to have been honored that great way, as if it were genuine in my dream.
The summary of this letter is that we are suffering from such a bad problem and I believe that you are the only one who can make a settlement for what we have been suffering, because you are the father for all the people living in this great and dear homeland.