A letter to the teachers of English: 104Conversation skills (4)A friendly student and an unfriendly teacher [Archives:2006/914/Education]

January 23 2006

(Sabri, a student comes late to class; Waleed, the teacher is teaching)

Sabri: May I come in, sir?

Teacher: You are always coming late to my class, aren't you?

Sabri: No sir. I've never come late to any class.

Teacher: No. You are telling a lie. You came late last class.

Sabri: Sorry sir. I didn't come late at all. This is the first time I am late to class.

Teacher: Why are you late today?

Sabri: The bus I came by hit a small boy on the way; I had to go to the hospital with that boy. I had to phone that boy's father and stay with him till his father came.

Teacher: There was no one in the bus to help him.

Sabri: All of them left without helping him. So I had to stay.

Teacher: Is it true or a lie?

Sabri: True. I have the number of the bus and the driver's name, if you want.

Teacher: OK..Ok. Come in. Don't come late again. OK?

Sabri: Thank you, sir.


You must have come across such situations quite often. Can you prepare a conversation between you and a student, in which he/she narrates an event in which he/she was helpful to someone?

Good luck.

Judge your listeners while you speak.

Yours fraternally,