A letter to the teachers of English: 105Conversation skills (5): Salwa and the taxi driver [Archives:2006/916/Education]

January 30 2006

PROF. M.N.K.BOSE [email protected]
Professor of English,
Faculty of Arts, Ibb

(Salwa, a student wants to go to her school. After waiting for a long time, she finds a taxi.)

Salwa: Can you take me to Al Thowrah School? I'm in a hurry.

Driver: Where?

Salwa: Al Thowrah School.

Driver: No. I'm not going that side. I'm busy.

Salwa: Please. I'm already late. You can take any money you want.

Driver: No, no. I can't come that side.

Salwa: See. There is no other taxi here. I've been waiting here for half an hour.

Driver: So what. I can't go that side. I'm going home.

Salwa: There will be other students on the way too. My brother may join me on the way.

Driver: Is your brother Abdal Rahman?

Salwa: Yes. How do you know?

Driver: He's my friend. He lives in the next street. Get in, I'll take you to school.

Salwa: No, thanks. There is another taxi coming; I'll go by that. When you can't help someone in need, I don't want your help.

Driver: Sorry sister. I realize my mistake. Please get in.

Salwa: OK. Please help people, if you can, whether you know them or not.

Driver: OK, sister.

Activity: Such situations are not rare. Can you write a conversation involving two people who face a similar situation?

Good luck.

Let your speech not be defeated by other.

Yours fraternally,